Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder

Our Company have successfully created a sense of trust and assurance of quality among our client’s after years in this business, and proudly emerged as the leading manufacturer and exporter of fast hydration guar gum powder (FHG). Thus, we strive to maintain excellent market standards and satiate varied needs of market efficiently.

Fast hydration guar gum powder , also knows as quick hydration guar gum powder, rapid hydration guar gum powder or diesel slurry guar gum. is ideally suitable for all rheological requirements of oil well drilling, continuous fracturing and diesel slurry.

It is widely used in oil well drilling due to its multi-function such as fluid and water loss control, viscosity control, lubrication.

Product FHG 40-45

Testing Parameter Specification
Application Oil & Gas Well Drilling
Colour Fine White to Pale Yellow Powder
Granulation 100 % pass through # 200
Chemical Analysis

Moisture: 5.00% Max.

Ash            :1.00% Max

Ph.             : 6.50 to 7.50

Fann Viscosity ( at 1500 RPM Stirring)

3 Minutes  : 40 CPS

60 Minutes : 45 CPS